1. Membership - is different to being a Donor. A donor simply donates to DA$AW whereas a Member must pay an annual membership fee of $52.00 - Concession rates apply.

Being a member gives you the right to nominate for a position on the Board of Directors as well as voting rights for any matters that require a vote in accordance with the DA$AW Rules of Incorporation. Whilst desirable it is not compulsory for Members to be donors. 

2. Privacy - Donate-A-Dollar-A-Week Inc. Respects and is committed to maintaining the privacy of all Members and Donors.  As part of the donation process we seek to collect basic information of the donor ie;  email address; Amount of re-current donation; Commencement date of donations and Name of donor. Such information will only be used for compilation of statistical data in relation to donations received and disbursed and communicating with the donor on an individual Email basis. In compiling such data we may need to share this information with other specialists we co-opt or engage to assist us in this work eg; Consultants, IT Specialists etc. In all such instances every effort will be taken to ensure that all confidentiality of personal information is maintained and not provided to any other parties.

3. Banking - Any DA$AW payments must be signed by at least two Board Members. 

4. Complaints - Should you have any issues or enquires about DA$AW Inc.or how we operate, please Email us at


(Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. - ABN # 483 341 092 88)

   (Trust Fund: The Donate-A-$-A-Week Foundation – ABN 72 420 581 805)




Board Meetings:

1. The Board of Management will not exceed five Members in number all of whom are appointed for 3 x 3 year terms. 

2. Members of the Board will be drawn from the Membership at large.

Should there be more than the required number of respondents to any call for nominees then a vote will be taken amongst the Membership at large. 

3. Attendance at meetings maybe conducted via electronic means eg; email, Skype etc

4. A Board meeting quorum  will consist of at least 50% of the elected Board members being in attendance either in person or via electronic means. Refer DA$AW Rules of Incorporation for full details. An AGM Quorum is 10% of Members. See Constitution