21. Feb, 2020

VOLUNTEERS - Code of Conduct

Purpose: The purpose of this document is to provide a code of conduct for volunteers/ambassadors of Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. (DA$AW Inc.). This policy applies to everyone volunteering for Donate Dollar a week

Policy Statement: All volunteers at Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. must adhere to the following statements & policy:

 1. Volunteers apply DA$AW Inc’s. values to all levels of their activities encompassing conduct, honesty, empowerment, leadership, respect, integrity and professionalism.

 2. Volunteers respect all other members of the DA$AW Inc. team. Donate A Dollar A Week Inc.   values robust discussion and feedback in all areas.

 3. Accept Board decisions. These decisions are made on a majority basis with unity and full confidence of Board members.

 4. Use discretion when speaking about internal matters and operations.

 5. Follow DA$AW Inc’s. social media policy and strategies with matters regarding media and communications.

6. Everyone in Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. is part of a team. It is a place of cooperation, an opportunity to express oneself, develop personally and professionally, and contribute meaningfully to a team of passionate people.

 7. Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. is a place free of all forms of discrimination and harassment.

 8. Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. respects diversity and is committed to welcoming different ideas, abilities, backgrounds and experiences to its team.

 9. Volunteers are required to cover their own transportation costs and other out of pocket expenses.

10. You may have access to, and knowledge of, information that is confidential in nature, which is marked as confidential or which Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. regards as confidential. This includes internal documents contained in any software which DA$AW may use from time to time. You must not at any time, either during or after ceasing your involvement with Donate A Dollar A Week Inc.  use or disclose confidential information without the prior written approval of the Manager or Board. If you are required by law to disclose confidential information or there is any suspected or actual breach of confidentiality, you must inform the Manager or Board immediately.

11. Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. may use any ideas, information, policies, activities and projects shared and created by its volunteers.

12. Drugs: The use of all prohibited substances is strictly forbidden

13. Volunteers agree to assign all material, documentation and other intellectual property rights created or developed in connection with their position with Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. to Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. A volunteer may seek permission from the Board to use DA$AW Inc’s. intellectual property and this will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

14. If a volunteer has a grievance with Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. they should communicate their concerns fully with the person they are supervised by.


I, ___________________________________ agree to adhere to the Volunteer Code of Conduct above. I understand that if I breach this Code of Conduct, the Board may determine that I am no longer a volunteer for Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. 


Print Name:____________________________________________

NB: Where a volunteer is under the age of eighteen (18) the approval & signature of a parent or guardian is required:


Print Name:__________________________________________