22. Sep, 2019





The reputation and credibility of Donate-A-$-A-Week Inc. (DA$AW) rests on its ability to make fair, objective and impartial decisions in accordance with its Rules and Trust Deed. Consequently, it is essential to avoid situations where a conflict of interest may influence, or appear to influence, the decision-making process.

 The Rules of DA$AW recognise that its Board members, Trustees and volunteers have broad interests and participate in many community, charitable and business activities. 

The broader the individual’s experience, the more valuable the Trustee or member is to the aims & objectives of DA$AW. Situations may arise where a Trustee or member’s business or personal interests may be seen to be in conflict with a matter under consideration by the Board or it’s Trustees. In all such cases, the potential for conflict of interest needs to be recognised and disclosed, and appropriate steps taken to prevent influence or favoritism by any Trustee or Board member. To that end, the Trustee &/or member must stand aside from any considerations, deliberations or decisions to be made in respect to that particular matter. It is important to note that this policy applies equally to all investment and business decisions and related matters.