25. Jun, 2019


POLICY: Charity selection criteria

The determination of which charities will be recipients of Donate-A-$-A-Week (DA$AW), is guided by DA$AW’s purposes; set out below:-


(1)  The Association is established for the public charitable purposes of providing relief to community causes including, but not limited to, poverty, misfortune, disability, suffering, helplessness, disease and illness in Australia and overseas

 (2) To achieve its principal purposes DA$AW may, without limitation: 

(a)  Raise funds or encourage contributions by way of gifts, including recurring donations, and providing these funds and/or gifts to eligible entities who provide relief to such causes; 

(b)  Provide information about and raise awareness of the causes and/or charities supported by the Association; and

(c) Carry out programs and public events to raise funds to provide relief to those in need.

Charity selection criteria is as follows:-

  1. Must meet the legal and status requirements by which DA$AW is required to operate under its incorporation and registration obligations. This includes DGR requirements as stipulated by the terms of the DA$AW TRUST DEED, and, the relevant ATO governance provision 
  1. Consistent with DA$AW objective ‘to alleviate human suffering’- selection is based on human related charities.

This includes, but is not limited to, health, education, poverty hunger, sickness, displacement, asylum seeking, refugees and medical research

Animals, ecosystems, and environments are important, but our resources are scarce, so our focus is narrow.

DA$AW takes a silent position on non-preferred options and will maintain a consistent message that its focus is ‘human suffering’.

  1. Charities can support causes both in Australia or overseas, provided Criteria 1 is met 

DA$AW does not donate to any charity directly linked to a religious or political organization (unless it is acting as the bona fide collection agent for a disaster or similar cause). 

Number of charities supported per month 

The aim is to support as many charities as possible from donated funds.  

Whenever the monthly donation pool is less than $500, the assigned pool will be given to one charity. 

When the pool regularly exceeds $500 by $125 or more an additional charity will be considered for support:

In these circumstances, the distribution portions of the monthly pool will be determined at the discretion of the charity administrator(s) who undertake day to day administration of the charity.

Procedure for creating the specific selected charity list

  1. The Administration Manager will circulate a list of eight (8) charities each four months.  Each Board member will then insert his/her choice for each month. The charity with the greatest %age of votes will be deemed to be the chosen charity for the selected month. There will be no follow up for those who fail to respond to the selection process.
  2. The 8 charities nominated will be a combination of new charities & past charity recipients with a leaning towards past recipients. (See possible exceptions below}
  3. The process of monthly allocation/disbursement of funds will be no less than 50-50% Australian and overseas charity recipients with a leaning towards more overseas causes, but not exceeding 75%.
  4. New charities for consideration should be advised to the Administration Manager and these will be added to the ‘master’ list of potential future recipient organisations.  No promises or commitment to include as a ‘definite’ future recipient is given. There are already some 50 charities listed.
  5. New charities submitted/recommended by existing donors will be given a high priority, provided that they meet “DA$AW Purposes” (see below) and our Taxation eligibility criteria.
  6. Where there is a possible leveraging advantage (political or you scratch my back, I scratch yours etc.) presented in selecting a particular/one off charity which may be represented to any Board member, then that charity will be given preference provided both DA$AW & ATO criteria are met.
  7. Where/when appropriate eg; emergency situation such as earthquake, tsunami, drought etc; additional charities may be inserted into any particular month, providing sufficient funds are available and all other criteria are met.