25. Jun, 2019


The Role of a BOARD MEMBER for Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. (DA$AW Inc.)

Donate A $ A Week Inc. is a micro charity whose aim is to gather 1000 donors, each of whom contribute a minimum of $1.00 pw ($4.33 p/cm).

100% of all donor donations go to charity – a different cause every month. Regulatory and administration costs are met by sponsorship donations.

Following is the “Purpose” of DA$AW as prescribed in the Rules of Association. 

1.The Purpose of DA$AW Inc. (The Association) 

(1) The Association is established for the public charitable purposes of providing relief to 
community causes including but not limited to poverty, misfortune, disability, suffering, 
helplessness, disease and illness in Australia and overseas. 

(2) To achieve its principal purposes the Association may, without limitation:

a)    Raise funds or encourage contributions by way of gifts, including recurring 
donations, and providing these funds and/or gifts to eligible entities who provide 
relief to such causes;

b)    Provide information about and raise awareness of the causes and/or charities 
supported by the Association; and

c)    Carry out programs and public events to raise funds to provide relief to those in need. 

2. As a Board Member you will be required to:

  1. Understand, accept and support the current aims, objectives, philosophy and direction of the Association
  2. Contribute to the development of policies and strategies to implement the ‘Purpose of DA$AW Inc.'
  3. Be part of a philanthropic team endeavouring to help those less fortunate
  4. Promote the aims & objectives of DA$AW wherever possible
  5. Contribute your skills and experience to our Marketing, Recruitment – both donors & sponsors & Events – development & management initiatives.
    1.   You must be a donor to DA$AW – a minimum of just $1.00 pw
    2.   You must be a Member of DA$AW Inc. – Just $52 pa.
    3. A strong preference for locally based rather than remotely located Board members is required. A Board member must be able to regularly attend at least 90% of Board meetings.
    4. A prospective Board member must be endorsed by at least two sitting Board members
    5. Any newly appointed Board member (or Associate BM) will be on probation for the first 12 months of their tenure.
    6. During your probationary period as a Board member a Police Check for working with children will be required.
      1. Attend Board meetings as required – usually four per annum.
      2. To abide by DA$AW Codes of Conduct & Ethics and always represent DA$AW in a professional and ethical manner.
      3.   To report all DA$AW related activities, to the Board 

3. As a Board Member you will ideally also: 

  1. Inspire people and organisations (your family, friends, colleagues and online networks) to support the aims & objectives of DA$AW by becoming donors and possibly Members.
  2. Have good connections and the self-confidence to reach out and arrange your own talks on the charity and work/goals of DA$AW, to community groups and provide DA$AW with feedback.
  3. Getting people involved in fundraising appeals or encouraging your contacts to take part in events. Examples may be arranging an event such as a Dinner or a Walk etc; for DA$AW.

4.You may be attracted to this role if you:

  1. are looking for a flexible volunteering role
  2. have an empathy with the aims & objectives of DA$AW and would like to share its story
  3. would like to get involved with a variety of tasks supported by the DA$AW Board of Directors.
  4. have public speaking skills. (although not essential)
  5. enjoy fundraising and would like to connect with like-minded people.

5.What DA$AW offers in return

We are committed to supporting our Board members, Donors, Sponsors, Members & Volunteers and offer the following:

  1. a monthly e-newsletter presenting ways to get involved
  2. the opportunity to dialogue with other like-minded individuals
  3. access to our Social media pages where you can share stories, ideas and experiences
  4. regular updates about DA$AW and the difference you are making
  5. reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses. (as long as they are authorised beforehand)

See our website & facebook page to find out more about DA$AW Inc.

To register your interest please Email us at info@donateadollaraweek.com.

For further information please telephone the writer on 0409 184 917

Thank you for your interest 

Phil Garbutt