21. Feb, 2020

Purpose: The purpose of this document is to provide a code of conduct for volunteers/ambassadors of Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. (DA$AW Inc.). This policy applies to everyone volunteering for Donate Dollar a week

Policy Statement: All volunteers at Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. must adhere to the following statements & policy:

 1. Volunteers apply DA$AW Inc’s. values to all levels of their activities encompassing conduct, honesty, empowerment, leadership, respect, integrity and professionalism.

 2. Volunteers respect all other members of the DA$AW Inc. team. Donate A Dollar A Week Inc.   values robust discussion and feedback in all areas.

 3. Accept Board decisions. These decisions are made on a majority basis with unity and full confidence of Board members.

 4. Use discretion when speaking about internal matters and operations.

 5. Follow DA$AW Inc’s. social media policy and strategies with matters regarding media and communications.

6. Everyone in Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. is part of a team. It is a place of cooperation, an opportunity to express oneself, develop personally and professionally, and contribute meaningfully to a team of passionate people.

 7. Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. is a place free of all forms of discrimination and harassment.

 8. Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. respects diversity and is committed to welcoming different ideas, abilities, backgrounds and experiences to its team.

 9. Volunteers are required to cover their own transportation costs and other out of pocket expenses.

10. You may have access to, and knowledge of, information that is confidential in nature, which is marked as confidential or which Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. regards as confidential. This includes internal documents contained in any software which DA$AW may use from time to time. You must not at any time, either during or after ceasing your involvement with Donate A Dollar A Week Inc.  use or disclose confidential information without the prior written approval of the Manager or Board. If you are required by law to disclose confidential information or there is any suspected or actual breach of confidentiality, you must inform the Manager or Board immediately.

11. Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. may use any ideas, information, policies, activities and projects shared and created by its volunteers.

12. Drugs: The use of all prohibited substances is strictly forbidden

13. Volunteers agree to assign all material, documentation and other intellectual property rights created or developed in connection with their position with Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. to Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. A volunteer may seek permission from the Board to use DA$AW Inc’s. intellectual property and this will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

14. If a volunteer has a grievance with Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. they should communicate their concerns fully with the person they are supervised by.


I, ___________________________________ agree to adhere to the Volunteer Code of Conduct above. I understand that if I breach this Code of Conduct, the Board may determine that I am no longer a volunteer for Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. 


Print Name:____________________________________________

NB: Where a volunteer is under the age of eighteen (18) the approval & signature of a parent or guardian is required:


Print Name:__________________________________________





21. Feb, 2020



Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. (DA$AW) is committed to preventing workplace injury and illness and ensuring a safe and secure working environment for volunteers and visitors. We recognise that health and safety is an integral part of every activity we perform and as such we endeavor to maintain current knowledge of our obligations under Victorian and Federal Occupational Health and Safety legislation (Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 & 2017 Regulations). All our staff/volunteers/Volunteers have a duty of care to ensure that they work in a manner that is not harmful to their own health and safety and the health and safety of others. The following statements reflect DA$AW’s commitment to OH&S: 

  • We strive to encourage consultation between The Board of management and Volunteers on all matters pertaining to OH&S matters as obligated under the legislation.
  • We strive to ensure the Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. environment and facilities are adequate, and provide for the comfort, safety and security of staff/volunteers and visitors.
  • Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. endeavours to ensure that occupational health and safety responsibilities are defined and appropriately promulgated.
  • Incidents and all injuries involving all staff/volunteers and others that occur in the workplace are documented and managed professionally and ethically.
  • At induction and periodically all staff/volunteers are instructed in safety matters/issues
  • DA$AW OH&S policies are regularly reviewed to reflect changes in state and federal legislative requirements.
  • Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. Board of Management seeks the cooperation of all volunteers in attaining our occupational health and safety objectives and in creating a healthy and safe working environment.




Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. is committed to risk management including following up incidents, injuries and near misses. It is a legal requirement under the Work Health and Safety (WH&S) Legislation and for insurance purposes, to report any injury sustained or thought to be sustained in the workplace, recognizing that good reporting also leads to effective prevention. Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. encourages the identification, analysis and prevention of errors, failure or inadequate systems that can potentially be a risk to staff/ambassadors/volunteer’s safety to assist with risk management strategies.


Staff/volunteers/Ambassodor’s must use the Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. Incident Report Formto report any incidents.

 Completed reports are:

 Completed as soon as possible after incident occurs, preferably within 24 hours 

  • Forwarded immediately to the Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. Charity Manager
  • Any additional medical or other certificates, reports, pathology or other documents related to the accident/incident are also forwarded to the Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. Charity Manager
  • For injury occurring as a course of a volunteer’s work, Work Cover reporting protocols must also be followed.

 NB: It is a legal requirement to report all injuries sustained in the workplace.




Donate A Dollar A Week Inc.is committed to the principles of merit, fairness and respect for all people. We seek to provide a working environment in which all staff/volunteers are able to perform their duties without being subject to discrimination or inappropriate behaviour.  Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. complies with our legal obligations and has a range of policies and procedures to encourage Equal Opportunity and prevent discrimination, bullying and harassment. These include:

  • a policy preventing bullying and harassment of any kind, including sexual harassment, in this workplace.
  • a grievance procedure for complaints arising from breaches of these policies.

 All staff/volunteers working at this practice has the responsibility to:

  • Treat all people in this workplace fairly and with respect.
  • Refrain from behaviour which could constitute harassment, bullying or discrimination
  • Report any incidents of harassment, bullying or discrimination to the designated complaints person
  • Maintain confidentiality if they are involved in complaints.


Bullying and Harassment Policy

 There are a number of laws in Australia dealing with issues related to bullying and harassment including EEO legislation, OHS requirements, criminal law, defamation and common law provisions such as negligence.  These laws all require the employer to take all reasonable steps to stop bullying and harassment in the workplace, including:

  • Policies and procedures to prevent bullying and harassment
  • Dealing with grievances in a fair, appropriate and timely manner. 


Bullying and harassment is defined as any unwelcome behaviour or communication that has no legitimate function in the workplace and intimidates, humiliates or offends another person.   Any form of bullying or harassment is totally unacceptable in this practice.Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. regards these actions and any similar behaviour as serious misconduct and any person who is found to be behaving in this manner may have their employment terminated. 


Anti-discrimination Policy

 Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of:

  • race (including colour, nationality and ethnic origin).
  • family status including marital status and responsibilities as a carer.
  • sexual orientation and lawful sexual activity.
  • age.
  • gender and gender identity.
  • physical Features.
  • political beliefs or activity.
  • religious beliefs or activity.
  • breastfeeding.
  • impairment including physical, intellectual or psychiatric.
  • pregnancy or potential pregnancy.
  • political opinion or activity.
  • criminal record.
  • union membership or industrial activity.
  • personal association with a person with any of the above characteristics.


If staff/volunteers are aware of a breach of this policy they should notify the Charity Manager or a Board member, where appropriate. Breaches of this policy are taken seriously and the manager notified will follow the steps outlined in the Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. grievance procedure.




Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. staff/volunteers must protect their professional reputation and that of Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. when using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogging.

Staff/volunteers involvement in social media may lead to personal details or comments being available in the public arena. It is important that staff/volunteers ensure their conduct in using social media does not adversely reflect on their employment with DA$AW and they should therefore be careful to ensure their social media behaviour and conduct is appropriate for Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. staff/volunteers.




Donate A Dollar A Week Inc and its staff/volunteers must take reasonable care of their own health and safety in the workplace, and the health and safety of others who may be affected by their actions (including omissions). In accordance with their obligations under the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (the OHS Act) & 2017 Regulations

The safety and security of Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. staff/volunteers is of the highest importance to DA$AW. Threats, threatening behavior, acts of violence, or any related conduct which disrupts the organisation's ability to execute its mission will not be tolerated.

For the purpose of this policy, occupational violence and aggression is defined as any incident where a staff is abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances arising out of, or in the course of, their employment.

Within this definition:

  • Threat means a statement or behaviour that causes a person to believe they are in danger of being physically attacked. It may involve an actual or implied threat to safety, health or wellbeing, and
  • Physical attack means the direct or indirect application of force by a person to the body of, or clothing or equipment worn by, another person, where that application creates a risk to health and safety.


Any person who makes threats, exhibits threatening behavior, or engages in violent acts on Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. Staff/volunteers or property may be removed from the premises and police will be notified. If an incident occurs or escalates, Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. staff/volunteers have immediate response options which includes:

  • Calling more senior staff/volunteers or anyone near-by for assistance
  • Calling the police




Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. recognises the need for effective food handling and storage practices to ensure that the food is not contaminated, nor allowed to become contaminated, or unfit to be eaten. All food which is handled (including preparing, eating or storing) is to be handled according to the recommended best practice.


Best practice requires food handlers to take all reasonable measures not to handle food, or surfaces likely to come into contact with food, in a way that is likely to compromise the safety and suitability for consumption, of food. 




Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. endeavours to ensure that all staff/volunteers always work in a safe and healthy work environment by identifying, assessing and controlling any manual handling risks.

While DA$AW is responsible for the health, safety and welfare of all staff/volunteers, hence all such workers must report potential and actual manual handling hazards.

Never lift or manually handle items larger or heavier than you can easily support. If you are in any doubt, do not hesitate to ask for help, but DO NOT attempt to lift the item by yourself.




22. Sep, 2019




The reputation and credibility of Donate-A-$-A-Week Inc. (DA$AW) rests on its ability to make fair, objective and impartial decisions in accordance with its Rules and Trust Deed. Consequently, it is essential to avoid situations where a conflict of interest may influence, or appear to influence, the decision-making process.

 The Rules of DA$AW recognise that its Board members, Trustees and volunteers have broad interests and participate in many community, charitable and business activities. 

The broader the individual’s experience, the more valuable the Trustee or member is to the aims & objectives of DA$AW. Situations may arise where a Trustee or member’s business or personal interests may be seen to be in conflict with a matter under consideration by the Board or it’s Trustees. In all such cases, the potential for conflict of interest needs to be recognised and disclosed, and appropriate steps taken to prevent influence or favoritism by any Trustee or Board member. To that end, the Trustee &/or member must stand aside from any considerations, deliberations or decisions to be made in respect to that particular matter. It is important to note that this policy applies equally to all investment and business decisions and related matters. 





25. Jun, 2019

The Role of Ambassador for Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. 

(Note: This is a part-time, voluntary, un-paid role. Your reward is in the satisfaction of making a contribution and helping those in need!) 

Donate A $ A Week Inc. is a micro charity whose aim is to gather 1000 donors, each of whom contribute a minimum of $1.00 pw ($4.33 p/cm). 

100% of all donor donations go to charity – a different cause every month. Regulatory and administration costs are met by sponsorship donations. 

Following is the “Purpose” of DA$AW as prescribed in the Rules of Association.  

1.The Purpose of DA$AW Inc. (The Association)  

(1) The Association is established for the public charitable purposes of providing relief to 
community causes including but not limited to poverty, misfortune, disability, suffering, 
helplessness, disease and illness in Australia and overseas.  

(2) To achieve its principal purposes the Association may, without limitation: 

a)    Raise funds or encourage contributions by way of gifts, including recurring 
donations, and providing these funds and/or gifts to eligible entities who provide 
relief to such causes; 

b)    Provide information about and raise awareness of the causes and/or charities 
supported by the Association; and 

c)    Carry out programs and public events to raise funds to provide relief to those in need.  

2. As a DA$AW ambassador you will be required to: 

  1. Understand, accept and support the aims, objectives, philosophy and direction of the Association
  2. Contribute ideas for the further development of policies and strategies to implement the ‘Purpose of DA$AW Inc.'
  3. Be part of a philantrophic team endeavouring to help those less fortunate
  4. Promote the aims & objectives of DA$AW wherever possible
  5. Contribute your skills and experience to our Marketing, Recruitment – both donors & sponsors, and Events – development & management initiatives.
  6.    be a donor to DA$AW – a minimum of just $1.00 pw (Ideally, you will also be a Member of DA$AW - $52pa)
  7. Abide by DA$AW Codes of Conduct & Ethics and always represent DA$AW in a professional and ethical manner.
  8. A prospective Ambassador must be endorsed by at least two sitting Board members
  9. Any newly appointed Ambassador will be on probation for the first 6 months of their tenure.
  10. During the probationary period as an Ambassador a Police Check will be required.
  11. Be mindful of public safety and the potential of both public & personal risk of all activities relating to any DA$AW initiatives with which you may be involved, with an emphasis on complying with the Commonwealth Work Health & Safety Act & Regulations and the Victorian OH&S Act 2004 & Regulations 2017.
  12. Undertake duty of care assessments of any activity (whether actual or proposed) to be undertaken on behalf of DA$AW Inc.
  13. Be mindful of all communication activities, whether verbal or written. In this respect have an awareness of the provisions of the Commonwealth Equal Opportunity Act 2014 and the Victorian Equal Opportunity Act 2010.
  14. To report all DA$AW related activities, to the Charity Manager  

3. As an Ambassadors you will ideally also: 

  1. be a Member of DA$AW Inc. – Just $52 pa.
  2. Inspire people and organisations (your family, friends, colleagues and online networks) to support the aims & objectives of DA$AW by becoming donors and possibly Members.
  3. Have good connections and the self-confidence to reach out and arrange your own talks on the charity and work/goals of DA$AW, to community groups and provide DA$AW with feedback.
  4. Getting people involved in fundraising appeals or encouraging your contacts to take part in events. Examples may be arranging an event such as a dinner or a walk/run etc; for DA$AW. 

4. Who might be attracted to this role? 

You may be attracted to this role if you: 

  1. are looking for a flexible volunteering role
  2. have an empathy with the aims & objectives of DA$AW and would like to share its story
  3. would like to get involved with a variety of tasks supported by the DA$AW Board of Directors.
  4. have public speaking skills. (although not essential)
  5. enjoy fundraising and would like to connect with like-minded people. 

5.What DA$AW offers in return 

We are committed to supporting our Ambassador’s, Board members, Donors, Sponsors, Members & Volunteers and offer the following: 

  1. a monthly e-newsletter on what’s happening and presenting ways to get involved
  2. the opportunity to dialogue with other like-minded individuals
  3. regular updates about DA$AW and the difference you are making
  4. reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses. (as long as they are authorised beforehand) 

See our website & Facebook page to find out more about DA$AW Inc. 

To register your interest please Email us at info@donateadollaraweek.com. 

For further information please telephone the writer on 0409 184 917 

Thank you for your interest  

Phil Garbutt


Charity Manager   






25. Jun, 2019


Our Code  

  • Respect for our donors and the communities we work with and serve. 
  • Honesty and integrity in our actions. 
  • Responsibility and accountability for our decisions and their consequences. 

We are committed to: 

  • Acting honestly, truthfully and with integrity in all our transactions and dealings; 
  • Avoiding conflicts of interest; 
  • Appropriately handling actual or apparent conflicts of interest in our relationships; 
  • Treating our grantees fairly; 
  • Treating every individual with dignity and respect; 
  • Treating our donors, volunteers & sponsors with respect, fairness and good faith and providing conditions that safeguard their rights and welfare; 
  • Being a good corporate citizen and complying with both the spirit and the letter of the law; 
  • Acting responsibly toward the communities in which we work and for the benefit of the communities that we serve; 
  • Being responsible, transparent and accountable for all of our actions; and 
  • Improving the accountability, transparency, ethical conduct and effectiveness of the nonprofit field.