2. Apr, 2017



Photos courtesy of my friend Sin Fong Chan

We at Donate-A-$-A-Week (DA$AW) are holding a CULINARY EVENT throughout the month of May where individual families & individuals are asked to hold a dinner, a Bar-B-Cue, meet for coffee or drinks or similar, where you come together with family or friends and as an adjunct to the event you & your friends are encouraged to consider becoming Member donors of DA$AW.

Besides raising funds for the various charities which we at Donate-A-$-A-Week select & support (a different charity each month) we want to get more regular Member/donors on board, where each individual Member contributes just $1.00 pw ($4.33 pcm, $13.00 p/qtr or $52 pa) by direct debit or via MyCause. We aim to recruit at least 1000 members. Current Membership just 46! You can join up/donate now at the DONATE NOW  tab.

To participate in this CULINARY EVENT simply contact us by Email at phil@donateadollaraweek.com and we will send you registration details and other information to help you hold your Event on our behalf.

You can also donate at our MyCause page www.mycause.com.au/page/147207

Let everyone hold some form of CULINARY EVENT in May! What's better than good food in the company of family & good friends? All with the aim of donating a little loose change to those less fortunate. If you are inclined to do so you can join now at DONATE NOW

Thank You

Phil Garbutt