Milo Goldacre

Milo is a new addition to our Board and being of a younger vintage will bring a new and fresh approach to our continued development.
Milo holds a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and a Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics from the Australian National University.

Milo has a record of community leadership, and has previously contributed towards important causes, including mental health, sexual violence, educational disadvantage and Indigenous issues.


Deputy Chairperson

Declan is an experienced lawyer, commercial advisor and management consultant providing services to federal, state, and territory government agencies. He has an in-depth understanding of the NFP sector, having created and sustained his current employer's corporate social responsibility and pro bono program, and brings a wealth of experience gained by advising the NFP sector on legal-, commercial- and governance-related topics for a number of years. Declan is passionate about maximising positive impacts of community initiatives and believes strong governance is the biggest contributing factor to sustained success in making the world a better place through the NFP sector.

Phil Garbutt

 Director  (Founder & Charity Manager)

Phil, now semi-retired, comes from a background in Human Resource Management, Facilities Management and Property Development/Investment.

With a need to be doing something constructive with his now free time and a sense of social inequities and injustices, prevailing both at home in Australia and globally, Phil wanted to make a contribution to assist those who need help.

Commencing asThe Donate-A-$-A-Week Challenge in late 2013. This morphed into a 2014 New Year’s resolution and the now continuing development of this program which is designed to encourage people from all income levels to make a commitment to regularly donate a small portion of their loose change – a minimum of just $1.00 pw; with the view that many small donations will accumulate to make a real difference for those in need.

Maintaining steady growth, the original concept and organisation has, as of 1st September 2017 now evolved into a fully Incorporated Association, now with a new name Donate-A-Dollar-A-Week Inc. or DA$AW for short.

Phil Lives in Upwey, Victoria.


Charlie Bell


Charlie's skills and expertise lies within accounting, finance and developing business operating models. He is a Senior Consultant at EY, working to optimise clients' finance function and is expected to be a qualified Chartered Accountant by October 2020.

Outside office interests are varied.He has volunteered through tutoring, overseas and in Melbourne for children from refugee backgrounds. With a passion for effective altruism and contributing to enable personal empowerment in others. Charlie is well motivated as a member of the Donate A Dollar A Week Board.




Faik is a marketing and fundraising specialist who has worked in the not-for-profit sector over  the last eight years.

Faik is passionate about creating change for disadvantaged groups. This has involved working on fundraising campaigns which support people living with blood cancer, low vision & blindness, hearing loss, poverty and financial hardship.

Faik holds a Master of Communication in Professional Writing & Bachelor of Arts from Deakin University. Faik is excited to increase the digital & social media presence of the Donate A $ A Week Inc; facilitate relationships with key stakeholders and bring in new revenue streams.


Rosemary Olton



Rosemary, now semi retired brings a wealth of broad administrative experience to the Board having worked for some twenty years in the TAFE/University sectors. Post retirement Rosemary worked part time as a consultant in the Facility Management area undertaking a wide range of activities but primarily assisting in the implementation of electronic Management systems.  She, along with her partner, has for the past 25 years been an active property investor playing a significant role in the re-furbishment of properties and the on-going rental management of their property portfolio.