1. Mar, 2020

MARCH 2020

The Pollinate Group who empower women as leaders of change to distribute household products, such as solar lights and cooking appliances, that improve health, save time and money for the world’s most neglected communities. Between India and Nepal 288.5 million people still live in poverty (World Bank), living on less than the International Poverty Line of US$1.90 a day (United Nations, 2018).

Pollinate, identify, train and develop local women entrepreneurs who serve hard to reach families. Women entrepreneurs earn respect and meaningful income and act as role models who raise awareness about better product alternatives.

Many people work low wage jobs that are not monitored by the government (known as the informal economy). These jobs include construction or domestic labour and offer little ability to move up the socioeconomic ladder.

Families become trapped in intergenerational poverty cycles because:

  • Unskilled men are forced to work manual labour jobs generating only a subsistence income without enough extra money to save.
  • Children are forced to leave school early as families cannot afford to continue their education in favour of earning money.
  • Women retain the full burden of household chores and use low quality solutions like kerosene for light, open fires for cooking, and manual grinders to make flour and basic foods. This deteriorates their health, prevents them from allocating time to income-earning, and are also expensive (kerosene costs $US1.00 every week).

People living in slum communities are just like anyone else – striving for opportunity and a regular income to look after their families. Find out more at https://pollinategroup.org/  and

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