1. Dec, 2019



 For the month of December we will be supporting  the RETT SYNDROME ASSOCIATION.

Formed in Melbourne in July 1989, the Rett Syndrome Association of Australia Inc. (RSAA) is a not-for-profit organisation which is managed by a Committee of volunteers, most of whom are parents of children with Rett syndrome.

The Association seeks to enrich the quality of life for persons with the syndrome and their families, and be of assistance to anyone interested in the disorder. July 2019 marked the 30th anniversary of the Association’s formation.

For further information about this terrible disease and the Association visit the RSAA website at http://www.rettaustralia.com/ but importantly, join us at DA$AW Inc. today in pooling your funds to help this and similar worthy charity causes. A minimum monthly, donation of just $1.00 pw is all we ask.  DONATE NOW