1. Sep, 2019



The Bali Children’s Foundation 

Bali Children Foundation (BCF) helps thousands of children to complete school, to find employment, and to improve their lives and the life of their community. 

Commencing in 2002, BCF has worked one village at a time to help a total of 76 villages. After identifying a village with disadvantaged families, our local staff members work together with the village leaders to introduce families to BCF and the opportunities our scholarships and curriculum provide.

In areas of disaster, such as in the village of Songan, which suffered severe landslides at the beginning of 2017, or in Lombok with the devastating earthquakes in August of 2018, BCF moves in to assist after disaster responses are finalised. BCF facilitates funds for our partner charities, who deliver health and dental care, disability management and environmental protection solutions during disasters, and afterwards BCF awards scholarships, English, computer programs, and ongoing education opportunities.

Educating Future Leaders

While Indonesia has experienced steady economic growth in recent years and achieved substantial development progress, development across the entire country is unbalanced and inequality remains a pressing challenge for the government. More than 72 million people in Indonesia continue to live under the World Bank’s $3.20 per day poverty line.

When viewed from this perspective, BCF’s work in Bali and nearby islands becomes even more important, providing educational dividends for Indonesia’s futures leaders. Sustainable and inclusive economic growth in Indonesia benefits Australia and contributes to regional growth and stability.

For more information check out their website at https://balichildrenfoundation.org/

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