1. Aug, 2019


Orange Sky

There are 116,000 people in Australia experiencing homelessness.
Orange Sky are helping to positively connect our friends in need through free laundry, showers and conversation.

There’s no doubt that clean clothes make all of us feel better about ourselves, but the major impact of Orange Sky does not rely on washers spinning or dryers tumbling. It happens through the hours of conversation that take place on their six orange chairs, which are pulled out at every shi...ft location.

Each week, all over Australia, thousands of volunteers put other parts of their life aside for a few hours to positively connect with those on the street, through genuine and non-judgemental conversation. Orange Sky always partner with service providers such as food vans or drop-in centres, and make sure that they set up at locations where our friends feel most comfortable. The Orange Sky community is made up of people who treat others how they want to be treated.

Orange Sky operates 249 shifts from 27 vehicles in 22 cities every week around Australia. To date, they have provided 110,387 loads of washing, 10,003 warm showers and most importantly, 176,784 hours of genuine and non-judgemental conversation.
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