1. Jul, 2019

JULY 2019

Water for a Village - a small Australian-based charity that provides clean fresh water to villages in the Simien Mountains of Ethiopia.

In 2014 Dr Catherine Wheatley fell in love with Ethiopia while walking through the Simien Mountain National Park (SMNP) in the north of the country. She wanted to make a difference to the people who live there in complete poverty and under very challenging conditions.

She decided to install a hand dug well in a village where the women walked many hours a day to fetch water, and where the children were ill from water and hygiene related illnesses. So Water for a Village was born.

Fresh, clean water - one village at a time.

Access to clean drinking water is vital for all human beings. It’s essential for health, education and community and to break the cycle of poverty. 

The United Nations Declaration on Human Rights considers clean water is essential to be able to realise all other human rights, but too many people in our world still lack access to it. 

The vision at Water for a Village is clean water for everyone. One village at a time.

For more info. Go to  http://www.waterforavillage.net/ and importantly, join us at DA$AW Inc. today in pooling our funds to help this and similar worthy charity causes. A minimum monthly, donation of just $4.33, the equivalent of just $1.00 pw is all we ask - DONATE NOW