1. May, 2019

MAY 2019

One Voice -

One of the challenges when living on the streets is personal hygiene. Some people shower at shelters and others in public toilet blocks, either way people are constantly worrying -

‘Who is around’ or ‘Am I safe’

In 2014 One Voice launched Australia’s first Mobile Shower Service in Melbourne and provided the following service

- A safe environment to shower, shave and get clean.
- Referral services to organisations that provide support and assistance.
- Distribution of free hygiene products and clothes.

The pilot was so successful with an average of 18 people using the service each night that in 2015 One Voice launched a World first Mobile Shower Bus. The service is fully self contained and has on-board water tanks, instantaneous hot water and generated electricity. Basically the bus could go into the desert and provide showers for up to 40 people.

One Voice now have a fleet of Mobile Shower Services in the following states:


For more info. Go to https://onevoice.org.au/about/