31. Mar, 2019

APRIL 2019

CAMBODIAN CHILDREN’S FUND believe that with the right education and support, one child has the potential to lift an entire family out of poverty and that a generation of educated children has the power to change a whole society. Through intensive, long-term investments in children, CCF is helping students build the skills, confidence and integrity they need to become the progressive spokespeople and leaders of change in their communities.

Since 2004, CCF have been working with some of the most impoverished communities in Cambodia, centred around the former garbage dump at Steung Meanchey. Back then, their  world revolved around the health and wellbeing of 45 children living on the garbage dump. Today there are around 2,000 students working towards a better future for themselves and their families through CCF’s award winning education program.

The garbage dump was closed in 2009. However the need for CCF’s services continues as Steung Meanchey remains an entry-point into Phnom Penh for destitute families with no option but to try and make a living through scavenging or begging on the city streets.

Through a range of programs that focus on 6 core areas – Education, Leadership, Community Outreach, Healthcare, Childcare and Vocational Training – CCF take a holistic, on-the-ground approach to developing integrated solutions to the complex issues of poverty.

For more info. Go to https://www.cambodianchildrensfund.org/