30. Oct, 2017



Throughout November we will be directing our donations to a Queensland based organisation, Yalari Ltd; who’s goal is to support indigenous kids through their high school education. 

Yalari’s Mission is to educate and empower Indigenous children from regional, rural and remote communities to bring about generational change.

Their Vision is to provide trusted, quality educational opportunities for Indigenous children to achieve positive outcomes for themselves and their families and make a valuable contribution as Australians.

As the saying goes, it takes a whole community to educate a child and Yalari brings together stakeholders who provide the financial and in-kind support that enable them to create educational opportunities and outcomes for Indigenous children.

Core Values of Respect, Compassion, Resilience, Openness and Inclusiveness are at the heart of Yalari’s expectations and guide to student behaviour.

Yalari aims to provide programs that will bring about generational change by giving Indigenous children the opportunity for a first class education through full boarding scholarships at some of the highest achieving secondary schools in Australia.

They currently have 166 students enrolled in 30 boarding schools around Australia.  For more details visit their website at https://www.yalari.org/

Please remember that that 100% of all donations to DA$AW go to charity. No salaries, No paid marketing, no fun runs or anything to do other than arrange a direct debit through your bank – Monthly or quarterly preferred. A minimum of just $1.00 pw or $4.33 pcm.  And do remember that One-off donations  are also welcome where the amount donated will be extended to represent the number of weeks your donation equates too. Go to DONATE NOW

 Thank You

Phil Garbutt