14. Oct, 2017


The last month of autumn and winter fast approaching..

Our selected charity for the month of May/June is Water For A Village an initiative of Dr Catherine Wheatley who lives in Tasmania. Through her travels she fell in love with the people of Ethiopia while walking through the Simien Mountain National Park. She decided that she wanted to make a difference to the people who live there in complete poverty and under very challenging conditions.

So she decided to install a hand dug well ...in a village where the women walked many hours a day to fetch water, and where the children were ill from water and hygiene related illnesses. 
Two years later, the women spend much more time at home, the children are well and attendance rates at the school have increased dramatically. 
To date Catherine has organised the installation of at least six hand dug wells and one large spring-fed tank that feeds a bank of taps. Each water source is installed by the villagers themselves under the guidance of a contractor. Besides being a worthy cause this is an inspirational story. See more at http://www.waterforavillage.net/?page_id=216


Welcome back to DA$AW; to Autumn & cooler weather.

Our selected charity for the month of April/May is The BushMob Aboriginal Corporation operating near Alice Springs in the Northern Territory . BushMob programs are for young people who are at risk of being disengaged and marginalized. They may be subject to substance abuse, violence, unsafe living environments and disempowerment. More details available at their website http://www.bushmob.com.au/

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Dear Reader- Hello again,

Summer over & March already upon us!


(1) Girls schooling in Zimbabwe: Poverty, abuse and cultural practices are preventing a third of Zimbabwean girls from attending primary school and 67 percent from attending secondary school, denying them a basic education, according to a recent study which found alarming dropout rates for girls. 

(2) Pancreatic Cancer: The 1-year survival rate of people with pancreatic cancer is 29%, and the 5-year survival rate is 7%. However, survival rates are based on many factors, including the specific stage of disease. Pancreatic cancer is often difficult to diagnose. But diagnosed early enough and it can be beaten. 

For the month  of March/April we have selected The Pancare Foundation as our targeted charity -  a national not-for-profit organisation, established in 2011.

With more Australians dying of pancreatic and liver cancer each year than breast or prostate, the Pancare Foundation was established as a way of increasing awareness, research and support for those affected by pancreatic, liver, biliary, oesophageal and stomach cancers. More details available at their website https://www.pancare.org.au/ and at our at our face book page  https://www.facebook.com/adollaraweek/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel . Donate now via DA$AW at DONATE NOW


For the month  of February/March we have selected the Gomo Foundation – an award-winning organisation, based here in Melbourne, that works in remote areas of Zimbabwe to provide young girls with education and, in doing so, greatly improve the quality of their lives.

The Gomo Foundation focus is on transforming lives by getting girls into secondary schools and ensuring that they comple their education. In order to achieve these aims Gomo provide them with the resources that allow them to go to school. They facilitate and support their progress throughout their schooling and work directly with their schools and communities in order to remove other obstacles blocking the way to a complete high-school education. In doing so they aim to improve not just the lives of the girls but the well-being of their entire communities.

For more details see their website at http://www.gomofoundation.org.au/

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For the month  of January we have selected the Fiona Woods Foundation - Spearheaded by plastic and reconstructive surgeon and burns specialist Professor Fiona Wood AM.

Burns are a life altering event. They cause immediate and long-term traumas to mind and body and are arguably the most painful, unique and complex injury a human can suffer.

There are approximately 11 million burn injuries globally each year, leading to 300,000 deaths.

Burn injuries are a significant cause of death and disability and place a considerable financial burden on our health systems.

The Fiona Woods Foundation - see http://www.fionawoodfoundation.com/our-approach/ - undertakes ground breaking scientific and clinical research into pioneering new treatments for burns victims.

Whether it is a hot liquid scalding injury to a child or a horrific injury caused by fire, explosion or vehicle accident, the impact of a severe burn can last a lifetime with many having to deal with the physical and emotional effects every day of their lives. Donate now via DA$AW at DONATE NOW

Remember 100% of all DA$AW donations go to charity - a different charity/cause every month. No salaries, Marketing, no fun run or anything to do other than arrange a direct debit with your bank – Monthly or quarterly preferred. Just $1.00pw or $4.33pcm.  Still less than the cost of a cup of coffee/latte at many places!



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