14. Oct, 2017



Whilst many Members have been donating for a considerable time now, today we made our very first donation to The Smith Family. Congratulations to all DA$AW Members. As previously advised excess donations will be held, to accumulate in our bank account, in order to meet future challenges.

This is I believe a great step forward for our Charity and I am sure the donation, albeit small, will be well received by the recipient, on this occasion  The Smith Family.  Thank you for sticking with us.

Although in the big scheme of things our donation is a small contribution, all Members should feel proud of the achievement and a special thank you, to you for your on-going contributions and support. Please keep it up and encourage others to join – just $1.00 pw!

And remember Single/one off donations also welcome.

As Membership grows we will be able to gradually increase our monthly donation to the selected charity/cause. Single/one off donations are also welcome and 80% of such donations will go to the selected charity/cause for the month in which those donations are received.