1. Jul, 2020


BETTER TIMOR:  At the age of 14, Ornella Byak left her life in Australia to visit her closest neighbor, East Timor. That trip changed her life forever. She questioned how her morning coffee could afford to educate a child for a month, yet many could not even afford that. She questioned the disparity of education and opportunity.

At the conclusion of this first visit, one of her Timorese peers approached her and said, "Don't forget about us." That day Ornella made a promise and commitment to the Timorese community – to never forget about them and do everything she could to create the same education opportunities she had growing up in Australia.

Six years on, with the generous support of Australian donors, Ornella has assisted transformation of education systems in the community of Letefoho with threefold yearly growth and immense student success. In continuing this mission, Ornella founded BETTER in 2018,.

Currently, BETTER is focusing their works in Cailaco, Maliana, as the children are over five years behind curriculum. Each year BETTER will build three classrooms and facilities to welcome a new year group and an additional 75 students. This will start with Kindergarten and grow to year 12.

Together, with the community BETTER are so excited to bring the opportunity of free, high-quality education to empower BETTER futures through education.

BETTER are incredibly excited to change thousands of lives and futures.

Why not join us at Donate A $ A Week in this very worthwhile education program by contributing your small change – just $1 pw – and pooling your funds with others in order to make a worthwhile financial contribution to the enormous education program Ornella is making for the children of our nearest neighbour – East Timor. DONATE NOW  at https://www.donateadollaraweek.com/353411203

2. Jun, 2020

DROPLETS IN A STREAM who work with trusted leaders in Kenya and Uganda to give vulnerable children a future.
They resource local, on the ground partners – train them, give financial support and practical skills – so their communities will become self-sustaining.

In many of the urban slums around African cities, the children are locked outside of their houses during the day while the parents go out and look for work.

The DROPLETS IN A STREAM team is made up of people who want to make a difference. 

Each one is passionate about seeing children in Africa live in healthy, thriving communities. 

Volunteer board members come from different walks of life – an engineer, accountant, financial advisor, company director and business consultant. They use their professional skills to mentor and equip partner organisations in Africa. The very hands-on, personal approach ensures there is accountability and transparency on the ground.

Many children in Kisumu are orphans because of HIV/AIDS, poverty, rape or abandonment. They are discarded… unwanted… neglected.

But these kids have not been forgotten. 

Meet Frank & Lindah

Local, on the ground, partners, Frank and Lindah Nyameche have a heart for those who can’t help themselves. Back in 2006, they were serving people in the Kibira slums in Nairobi, Kenya. Their work was not glamorous by any means, but it was fruitful.

The Milele Centre is their dream and with our support  (ie; DA$AW) we can help them make it possible.

Frank and Lindah, are creating a safe haven for these children –called the Milele Centre – where they can be nurtured and educated.

The Vision

Frank and Lindah have a dream to see the Milele Centre one day become a ‘campus’ for children – there’ll be housing, a school, a sports field, training facilities for community leaders, and self-sustaining farming.

They want the children to be raised by the same ‘mamma’ through their childhood years, so they can experience what it means to have a family.   

Through the generous support of donors, they have so far,been able to buy 10 acres of land for the Milele Centre, on the shores of Lake Victoria. So far, they’ve built a beautiful residence for Frank and Lindah on the property, so they can be there to care for the children.

But that’s only the start. They need our help to develop this community. For more information visit https://www.dias.asn.au/ 

But more importantly join us at DA$AW Inc. today in pooling our funds to help this and similar worthy charity causes. A minimum monthly, donation of just $1.00 pw is all we ask. please DONATE NOW

2. May, 2020

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC):
Long before COVID-19, the ASRC existed to support people seeking asylum and refugees to survive, thrive and rebuild their lives through a range of aid and advocacy services.
People seeking asylum are some of the most vulnerable in our community – many do not have a safety net, access to Medicare, Centrelink or critical care services. Without support they are exposed to the worst economic and health impacts of the pandemic and in the coming weeks and months ahead, will feel it the most.

ASRC members have lived experience of living in uncertain times and this may be retraumatizing for some of them. ASRC are strongly committed to delivering programs and services that will help their clients cope and come through stronger and more resilient.The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) provides a wide range of services covering the following areas and many more

 Food and Material Aid

The Foodbank and Community Meals programs offer food security to over 650 people each week. Material Aid ensures children and families receive essential items to rebuild their lives in our community.

Mental health and housing

ASRC support services aim to maximise a person’s physical and mental wellbeing through holistic, integrated and responsive support that includes one-on-one critical support, advocacy and referrals services within the community.


The ASRC Health Centre offers primary health services, promoting a healthy lifestyles and preventing illness for people seeking asylum, including people without access to Medicare, and is the largest facility of its kind in Australia.

Education and Training

Education programs assist hundreds of people each year to improve their English language skills, to become enrolled into training and professional development courses and develop personal and career goals.

Employment Pathways

Employment programs support people to have the skills, confidence and agency to navigate the changing labour market, secure employment, succeed on the job and manage their careers in Australia.

For further information visit the ASRC website at https://www.asrc.org.au/

But more importantly

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2. Apr, 2020

Launch Housing  an independent Melbourne based community organisation formed from the merger of two of Victoria’s leading homelessness service providers, Home Ground Services and Hanover in July 2015. With a combined history of over 75 years serving Melbourne’s community, Launch Housing aims to build on the legacy of providing housing and support, driving social policy change, advocacy, research and innovation.

Thousands of people in Australia live life, trapped by poverty and trauma and experience homelessness. Homelessness is not inevitable.

Australia’s housing crisis is getting worse, with 116,000 Australians experiencing homelessness on any given night.

The main reasons for seeking assistance are changing. A housing crisis is now the top reason people experience homelessness, followed by those who report domestic and family violence as a factor.

Launch Housing’s mission is to end homelessness. With a combined history of over 75 years serving Melbourne’s community, Launch Housing provides high quality housing, support, education and employment services to thousands of people across 14 sites in metropolitan Melbourne. Launch Housing also drives social policy change, advocacy, research and innovation. For more info. go to https://www.launchhousing.org.au/ 

Please Donate now at https://www.donateadollaraweek.com/353411203

30. Mar, 2020


These are unprecedented and difficult times. In the battle to save lives during the COVID-19 crisis, millions of people are being thrown out of work, entire sectors are collapsing, and the economy at large is taking a hit that will take months or even years to recover. As the world braces for this challenging period, we need a strong community now more than ever. Measures designed to protect Australians have also posed a serious economic challenge to all of us.

So as millions of people are thrown out of work, entire industries collapse and the world braces for the medical ramifications of the COVID-19 emergency, if you have your job and your health, there’s no doubt you’re in a better place than most right now.

The crisis may drag on for many months and the ramifications may be felt for years. So, with this in mind we at DONATE A $ A WEEK have again activated our Emergencies & Disasters page https://www.donateadollaraweek.com/353411187  in order to encourage additional donations to be made (ie; over and above those committed by existing donors on a regular basis.) for accumulation and re-distribution to causes at the forefront of this emergency. Details of recipients will be advised in our monthly Newsletter and on our website at  https://www.donateadollaraweek.com/353411206.

Please DONATE now at https://www.donateadollaraweek.com/353411203

Thank you.