21. Jan, 2020

Because of the Bushfire Disasters engulfing so much of Australia over this Spring/Summer period we at Donate A $ A Week have made an extra one off payment this month (January 2020) to the:

Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund

The Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund (GERF) is a registered charity that was established in 1978 to provide immediate short-term funds to Gippslanders affected by natural disaster events. It is completely funded by donations from businesses, community groups and individuals. Run by volunteers, all donations are returned to the community.

One of the first responses we have to a bushfire, flood or storm disaster that affects our community, is “how can I help?”. Donating to GERF means that your donation can be used to provide immediate financial assistance to Gippslanders when they urgently need it.

In almost 30 years, GERF has readily distributed funds to Gippsland residents who have lost their homes or had their property damaged by a bushfire, flood or storm event.

GERF is a registered charity (No. 66660282945) and is run by volunteers with all donations returned to the community.

You can see more at their website

1. Jan, 2020

Project Respect which was founded in 1998 by Kathleen Maltzahn to challenge violence against and exploitation of women in the sex industry. Since 2000 the organisation has provided intensive support through activities such as outreach, counselling, education assistance, legal and financial support, and social activities to encourage peer support and relaxation. Advocacy and work for systemic change has always been at the heart of Project Respect’s work.

Project Respect is a support and referral service for women trafficked for sexual exploitation and women in the sex industry who assist women one-on-one, create a safe community and advocate for women’s rights. They exist because women matter. They are a non-profit, feminist, community-based organisation.

Project Respect believes that every woman who is trafficked for sexual exploitation or is part of the sex industry has the right to feel safe and respected, regardless of her views or circumstances. There is an understanding that each woman experiences the industry differently. She could find it empowering, or deeply harmful, or somewhere in between. Our work is fundamentally about human rights – Project Respect want to see an end to human trafficking for sexual exploitation. But they also want to see an end to situations where women feel they have no choice but to enter the sex industry. No choice but to put up with disrespectful clients. And no way to access the support they need, if they ever do want to leave. Project Respect exist for the women who seek and need support, without judgement.

In 2003 Project Respect spearheaded a country-wide campaign to put trafficking on the national agenda. That campaign resulted in the end of the mandatory detention of trafficked women, prosecutions of traffickers, support for trafficked women and changes to Australia’s laws on trafficking. 

Since this time Project Respect has continued its vital outreach to women in the sex industry. Additionally Project Respect has contributed to policy formation, legislative reform and research to benefit women in the sex industry, and particularly those trafficked to Australia.

Project Respect has also established a program for law enforcement agencies, government departments and non-government organisations offering training on working with women in the sex industry, including survivors of trafficking.

Project Respect acknowledges that women's experiences in the sex industry are different - there is no clear right or wrong.

For more information check out their website at

but importantly join us at DA$AW Inc. today in pooling your funds to help this and similar worthy charity causes. A minimum monthly, donation of just $4.33 or just $1.00 pw is all we ask. DONATE NOW

1. Dec, 2019


 For the month of December we will be supporting  the RETT SYNDROME ASSOCIATION.

Formed in Melbourne in July 1989, the Rett Syndrome Association of Australia Inc. (RSAA) is a not-for-profit organisation which is managed by a Committee of volunteers, most of whom are parents of children with Rett syndrome.

The Association seeks to enrich the quality of life for persons with the syndrome and their families, and be of assistance to anyone interested in the disorder. July 2019 marked the 30th anniversary of the Association’s formation.

For further information about this terrible disease and the Association visit the RSAA website at but importantly, join us at DA$AW Inc. today in pooling your funds to help this and similar worthy charity causes. A minimum monthly, donation of just $1.00 pw is all we ask.  DONATE NOW  




2. Nov, 2019

Cambodian Children’s Trust (CCT), co-founded by Tara Winkler and Pon Jedtha, is a non-profit child protection organisation based in Battambang, Cambodia that prevents children from facing adversity.

Cambodian Children’s Trust (CCT) is at the forefront of the care reform movement in Cambodia and setting the blueprint for community-led, preventative child protection.

CCT’s Village Hive model has been developed through a ‘pilot, learn and grow’ approach over 12 years in Cambodia. It has evolved with the principle that the communities and families are the experts in their own lives. The knowledge and wisdom of how best to protect children and ensure their ongoing wellbeing lies within the community. CCT’s Village Hive taps into local wisdom by mobilising community networks that drive child protection initiatives in their village. It also brings vital services into villages, so that children and their families have access to all the support they need to thrive.

Their holistic, community-led Village Hive model empowers families and achieves transformational change for vulnerable children, giving them opportunities to reach their full potential in life.

With our help they aim to put a Village Hive in 36 Villages across Battambang and reach 20,000 families by 2020.

A Village Hive mobilises whole communities to protect children from facing adversity, like ending up in orphanages (Many of which are corrupt) or on the street. It is a community-led model made up of dynamic networks of people and services that ensure no vulnerable child is overlooked.

Each Village Hive is co-created with members of the local community to ensure it meets the specific needs in the village. The networks in a Village Hive facilitate holistic interventions in children’s lives, taking families from a place of vulnerability to empowerment

For more information check out their website at  but importantly, join us at DA$AW Inc. today in pooling your funds to help this and similar worthy charity causes. A minimum monthly, donation of just $4.33 or just $1.00 pw is all we ask. DONATE NOW

2. Oct, 2019

Sister Works (located in Melbourne):

As a medical doctor and a communication expert, Luz Restrepo arrived in Australia in 2010 seeking political asylum. Her life was in tatters and she spoke no English. She felt like a nobody: frightened, isolated and disempowered. Luz soon discovered that she was not alone. 

In 2011, along with a group of 25 women experiencing similar challenges, Luz began to make and sell crafts around Melbourne. She understood that to support each other is also to strengthen each other. SisterWorks Inc. was born in May 2013 when a committee of volunteers joined Luz with legal, fund-raising, marketing and administrative skills to give support and structure to the project.

The SisterWorks’ model – Work Empowers Women – runs flexible dual programs, where women are ‘learning by doing’ and discover how to work effectively in Australia. Earning money is a key element that encourages women to improve their personal development and ensure social, emotional and economic participation while developing English literacy and business skills.  More importantly, the women gain confidence, empowering them to develop skills to address and manage present challenges and barriers that otherwise prevent them from accessing individual pathways to employment, entrepreneurship, further education and community connectedness. 

The SisterWorks Empowerment Hub is a child-friendly space which provides a supportive environment to empower women. SisterWorks brings women together in a safe space to learn, experience, share, support and grow through face to face and safe digital platform education and knowledge sharing. Their Empowerment Hub has Four Pillars supported by an integrated program of social, design and business mentors. 

To date, Sister Works have supported more than 492 women from 56 different countries. To increase the number of migrant and refugee women empowered to access opportunities in the workforce, SisterWorks is starting to share its model into other Victorian regions - in Dandenong, Bendigo and Carringbush. 

For more information check out their website at but importantly, join us at DA$AW Inc. today in pooling your funds to help this and similar worthy charity causes. A minimum monthly, donation of just $4.33 or just $1.00 pw is all we ask. DONATE NOW