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The Charities and causes which we support will change from time to time (usually monthly), dependent on individual causes and issues along with changing Australian and global needs.

Every donation of $1 helps and the more individual $1 donors we get on board then the more effective, as a group donor scheme, we can be. Imagine 1000 donors donating just $1 each per week! That's $52,000 per annum!

DONATE-A-$-A WEEK places a strong emphasis on those values which most of us take for granted or at least might strive to embrace:- 

  • HEALTH & 

As a consequence DONATE-A-$-A-WEEK will always place high priority on the following issues:

  • FOOD -  sources & adequacy of supply 
  • CLEAN WATER SUPPLY – Adequacy of supply & sources 
  • SHELTER -  Protection from the elements 
  • HEALTH - From infancy to adulthood inclusive – child birth; Maternal Health services; Inoculation’s etc. 
  • EDUCATION – Access to, and Freely available for one and all 
  • SAFETY & PROTECTION -  From fear, Exploitation, Slavery and Sexual servitude.

See our page CURRENT/PAST CAUSES  for a sample of the types of charities/causes which we have supported over the past months & years.