(More if you choose)

It is a simple concept really. The Challenge is to obtain a commitment from 1000 or more individuals to donate a minimum of ust $1 per week (A mere $52pa each), payable by direct debit either monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually.

Just one $1 per week each! Small change!  It’s not much, but a combined donation of $1000 per week will be of real help to many Causes and/or Charitable Organisations.

Why such a small weekly contribution?  It is simply ‘small change’ to most of us and even kids might be encouraged to participate by donating a minimum of just a $1 from their pocket money and thereby get used to the concept of helping others less fortunate than themselves.  Besides, many people already contribute more significant amounts either on a regular or ad-hoc basis to their favourite charity/cause. The aim of Donate-A-$-A-Week is not to encourage anyone to stop those donations – they are too valuable to the respective recipient charity(ies) – We just want to have you donate separately, a small portion of the loose change which you accumulate on a weekly basis.

Another way to look at this is - I ask you to donate $1000 to my chosen charity/cause - say for a  clean water well for a village in the Sudan. $1000 you say! No way! You can’t afford to donate $1000 - you need it for your own living costs. However if I ask you and 999 other individuals to contribute just $1 each for the same project you are more likely to say 'yes, that is not a problem' and likewise the other 999 individuals are likely to say the same thing. So the same end result is achieved.  $1000 with little or no hardship to anyone and the chosen project still gets the clean water well for the village.

Obviously if we repeat this process on a weekly basis the end result will be a big difference in the life and death struggle of many individuals to survive and who don't have the privileges which we all generally enjoy on a daily basis.

More than half the world’s population live on less than $2.50 p/day and will appreciate a little help up. It is the Australian way to help those who have fallen on 'hard times'. So please seriously consider joining this campaign and begin today - DONATE NOW.

Thank you

PS: Of course where ever possible and if you can, then a weekly contribution greater than $1 will be greatly appreciated, as will a single/one-off donation.