19. Feb, 2019


Origin and History of Donate A $ A Week Inc.

As a result of the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan in the Pacific – especially the Philippines - in November 2013, DA$AW’s founder, imagined the possibility to really help those facing hardship and suffering, if he could recruit 1,000 people to donate just one dollar per week on a regular basis. With $1,000 per week, many causes and charities could be helped. 

Our founder established Da$aW as a family and friends charity, and has been donating modest amounts to different charities every month since December 2015. 

Realising that future expansion of DA$AW would require more formality and legal structure, he forged the creation of DA$AW Inc., which created the incorporated entity in August 2017. Formal recognition as a charity with tax deductibility status followed shortly thereafter. 

A Board of Directors was established in September 2017 and since then, DA$AW’s work has continued, while concurrently focusing on setting up all the requirements of the new status.



Are you interested in giving up a little of you time and fulfilling a role as a DA$AW Board Director – voluntary-unpaid-challenging but rewarding.

We currently have a vacancy on our Board.

If you (or anyone you know) are interested in becoming a member of the DA$AW Board of Directors please email us at info@donateadollaraweek.com and we will send you full details of what the role requires.