19. Feb, 2019


DA$AW Inc. is managed & run solely by volunteer effort so that all donations received (other than Membership fees and Sponsorship donations or effort) will go to our selected charities/causes – a different charity each month! Go to  CURRENT/PAST CAUSES in order to see whom we have made donations over the past year & more.



 Do you sometimes wonder what happens with your valued donation to DA$AW Inc.?

As you may remember we undertake to pass on 100% of all donor contributions. That promise continues to be met and from just 66 regular contributors we are now receiving a little over $100 pw which allows us to make a monthly donation of $400 to some worthy charity. What happens to the $’s in excess of the $100 pw I hear you ask? These additional funds remain in our Trust account for future one off donations for emergency situations eg; our recent (August) additional donation of $400 to Aussie Helpers to assist in drought relief. For a full listing of those to whom we have made donations, go to our website athttp://www.donateadollaraweek.com/353411206.

Whilst our current 66 regular donor’s fall’s a long way short of our goal of 1000 donors, each contributing at least $1.00 pw; we are nevertheless making a difference to those in need and at little noticeable cost to ourselves.

So, may I suggest that each and every one of our valued regular donors can feel justly proud of the difference you are making in helping those in need. Take a well deserve bow.

If you could encourage your family members, friends & colleagues to join us in this endeavor, then that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Phil Garbutt