19. Feb, 2019



As we are all aware the drought crisis is creating great stress for many of our farmers. As you may know, each month we hold back a small amount (10-20%) of your donations in order to create a ‘pool’ of funds so that we may make a small donation when disasters occur. We consider the current drought to be one such disaster and as a result we made a small donation of $400 to Aussie Helpers https://www.facebook.com/aussiehelpers/ during the month of August.

You can be justly proud of your contribution to this crisis. Thank you for your continued support of DA$AW which enables us to make such worthy donations.



We always endeavour to thank those who assist us in our limited philanthropic endeavour’s eg; our valued  donors and sponsors but we often fail to thank our volunteers without whom we truly could not continue to operate, So this is a big thank you to all our volunteers, in particular our database developer – Peter, our social media manager – Karen and  lastly but not least our Board members. Thank you one and all.

Phil Garbutt