19. Feb, 2019



What do you have in common with a garden water tank? 

Have you ever thought how much a garden water tank holds? It depends on the size of the tank of course; but on average it holds 2,500 litres.

When you look at one, it looks pretty big, and you can be sure if it burst open, you’d get pretty wet! Each one makes a significant contribution to a garden with its life-giving contents.

Did you know it takes 1,000 water tanks to fill an Olympic swimming pool? While each one may seem to be a small contributor, they all add to the important task of filling it.

As a regular Donate-A-$-A-Week contributor you are like one of these water tanks in our quest to fill the Olympic pool. And because of you, we are well on the way.

However, we need to find more water tanks.

There is a very strong chance that you know someone, who might want to help fill our Olympic pool. Please consider being an advocate to encourage someone to be just one more water tank!

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