19. Feb, 2019

JUNE 2018

Message from our Chairman 

Hello everyone and thank you for being a donor to Donate-a-Dollar-a-Week. We really appreciate your contribution. You are making a real difference to people in need. When I’m out and about promoting

D-A-D-A-W, I’m sometimes asked how our relatively modest donations really assist people? My answer is simple. It only takes a small leak to sink a ship. We support individuals and organisations that help plug that leak! Unfortunate circumstances can be thrust on any one at any time, and for some, there is no safety net to support them through troubled times. Every morning on my way to work, I pass Anthony. His home is the footpath outside an abandoned building in Bourke Street in Central Melbourne. The threat of being robbed after dark is omnipresent, and there are many eyes watching, so donations must be handled quickly and discreetly. Anthony is an intelligent well educated man who is always up for a chat, a laugh or a suggestion for his newspaper crossword puzzle which is also his blanket, his table cloth, his umbrella and a couple of other things. He left work to care for his ailing mother a few years ago, and for a number of reasons hasn’t been able to re-enter the work force. Anthony has his dignity and is optimistic about the future. He’s hoping to survive long enough to get the aged pension. I often think about Anthony while I’m sitting in my air-conditioned city ant hill in the sky, how fortunate I am, and why it is so important for all of us to support all of us. It is the very foundation of a resilient and compassionate society. We have people like you to thank for that.

Peter Kavan