31. Dec, 2017



Great news. DA$AW Inc. has come of age and has now received Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Status with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).This means that all donations of $2.00 or more, will now be tax deductible.

For us at DA$AW Inc. this is one giant step forward.  We hope our donors & sponsors will think likewise.



We need ‘sponsors’ to help us meet our operating costs. Can you or anyone you know assist? Please spread the word amongst your family, friends & acquaintances and encourage them to become a sponsor and in doing so support the objectives of DA$AW Inc.

Those interested in sponsoring DA$AW Inc. should contact me phil@donateadollaraweek.com



Please remember that 100% of all donations to DA$AW Inc. go to charity. No salaries, no paid marketing, no fun runs or anything to do other than arrange a direct debit through your bank – Monthly or quarterly preferred. A minimum of Just $1.00 pw or $4.33pcm.  Remember that One-off donations are also welcome where, if you wish, the amount donated will be extended to represent the number of weeks your donation equates too.



we would like to hear from you re your preferred charity and provided they meet our criteria we can schedule them as a future Target Charity/Cause. Our main criteria is that the selected donor recipient charity broadly meets our policy/guidelines, namely that it is NOT purely animal related like save the Whale or save the Orangutan or for the Zoo or RSPCA etc. We try to put ‘people’ first rather than animal welfare issues however you will note from our past donor recipients, see CURRENT/PAST CAUSES that we have made donations to organisations such as ‘Dogs for Kids with Disabilities’ and ‘The Thin Green Line’  to name but two. In absolutely NO WAY are we anti animal preservation, it is simply that we believe ‘people’ should come first and at this time over 3 billion people, more than half the world’s population, are suffering in some way.

The only other absolute criteria on our part is that the recipient organisation must be a Registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission (ACNC) and the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to which we at DA$AW Inc. have certain Regulatory obligations. However please don’t let these issues deter you as many organisations meet these criteria and we can quickly determine whether your nominations, fall within these parameters.

Wishing all our readers a  HAPPY NEW YEAR  and a prosperous 2018.