1. Dec, 2017


So Christmas is upon us once again! It surely just finished! Maybe it’s because I missed doing a report in November'

We have recently had our 2nd Board meeting and from that came a Trust -  The Donate-A-$-A-Week Foundation. In addition relevant documentation has been processed through to the Australian Tax Office seeking their approval for all donations to be tax deductible. Hopefully by the time of our next up-date we will be able to confirm that this has been approved. 

Alas our donor numbers remain fairly static. So yes we need more donors – a minimum donation of just $1.00pw is all we ask – payable by direct debit – details available at DONATE NOW.

We also need ‘sponsors’ to help us meet operating costs. So please spread the word amongst your family, friends and acquaintances and encourage them to contribute in either way – as a  donor or sponsor. 100% of all donations go to charity – a different cause each month. Those interested in sponsoring DA$AW Inc. should contact me at phil@donateadollaraweek.com

For the  month of December we are be supporting a research unit of the Westmead Medical Research Foundation. For details go to CURRENT/PAST CAUSES

Thank You and a ****VERY MERRY XMAS***** to all



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