3. Oct, 2017


Dear Reader, 

September has been a very busy month for  Donate A Dollar A Week.   We are now a fully Incorporated Association – Donate-A-$-A-Week Inc.  Soon we hope to have Australian Taxation Office (ATO) approval to allow tax deductions for all donations of $2.00 or more.  Watch this space for further up-dates.                                                                                                      

In addition you may have noticed that we have somewhat re-vamped our website, so please take a look at all pages of the site starting at HOME and let us know what you think. Oh and whilst here be sure to check out our new Board Members – see  Board of Management  

More importantly though is the fulfillment of our core purpose, That is to collect funds (Just a minimum of $1.00 pw) in order to help the less fortunate among us. Those trapped in poverty, suffering hunger, abuse – in various forms, homelessness, inability to gain meaningful education and a whole range of other traumatic life situations which afflict so many in our so called ‘modern & progressive’  world societies. A world, where alas so much greed and corruption co-exists with those less fortunate. 

So please join us today in helping to provide just a little help in alleviating these issues. We certainly can’t solve any let alone all these many and varied issues but we can make a small difference and together we can have a greater impact. Just a minimum of $1.00 pw each! Payable fortnightly, monthly or quarterly by direct debit.  Do consider joining yourself and please encourage all your family, friends and colleagues to join too. At just $1.00 pw; there is really no need to stop your donations to your other favourite charities and we really don’t want you to do that. Your donations are sorely needed wherever you choose to place them. We are simply asking for just a little of your loose change – the equivalent of a cup of coffee/latte per month.  Something those we endeavour to help, can’t contemplate. And do remember that 100% of your donation goes to those in need. No portion of your donation is held back for administration purposes. Those expenses are met by personal and sponsorship donations. Yes we do need sponsors, please

Whilst our regular donations received remains constant this past month has seen our coffers  significantly topped up by a $1000  donation made by the students of the John Curtin College of the Arts - http://www.jc.wa.edu.au/.  $1000 donated  in just one day, by students, for the privilege of a ‘casual dress’ day in lieu of uniforms.  A prime example of how MANY SMALL DONATIONS CAN QUICKLY ACCUMULATE into a meaningful contribution.   

As a result of a generous donation made by the students of the John Curtin College (WA), this month we have been able to make an additional three grants of $300 each to the following organisations: 

The latter two having been past recipients of our donations. Thank you again to the John Curtin College and their generous students. 

Again please remember that that 100% of all donations to DA$AW go to charity. No salaries, No paid marketing, no fun runs or anything to do other than arrange a direct debit through your bank – Monthly or quarterly preferred. A minimum of Just $1.00 pw or $4.33 pcm.  And do remember that One-off donations  are also welcome where the amount donated will be extended to represent the number of weeks your donation equates too. 

DA$AW is managed and run solely by volunteer effort so that all donations received ( other than Membership fees and  Sponsorship donations or effort) will go to our selected charities/causes – a different one each month! Simply read on in order to see whom we have made donations to over the past year or so. 

In order for us to grow we can always do with more  volunteer help. To continue our growth we can do with more help in at least  the following areas of expertise:

  • MARKETING:  Printing, Banners, T shirts etc.
  • EVENTS: Development, Marketing & sponsorship 

and any other help you, or someone you know, might be interested in contributing - just a little of their time & expertise -  I would love to hear from you/them. 

Cheers and thank you again for your continued support. 

       Phil Garbutt



You Can Make a Difference - Together - We Can Make a Bigger Difference