5. Jun, 2017

MAY 2017

Dear Member,

Firstly could I ask all Members to check that the continuation of their on-going direct debit of contributions is intact & up to date. Most banks only allow direct debit authorities  to remain in place for a maximum of two (2) years. As a valued donor we don’t want to see you inadvertently cease donations simply because your on-going authority with your bank has expired. So I ask that you please check.

May has been an exciting month.  Firstly we have broken through the 50 Membership barrier – we now have 51 active Member donors.

Secondly we have now acquired the service of a volunteer programmer – our first active volunteer! Peter is helping us develop a more comprehensive database for recording Membership details and after just four weeks it is starting to look very professional. And lastly we have completed a simple ebook giving a brief over-view of each organisations to whom we have donated since the commencement of the monthly donation process back in December 2015. Please let me know if you would like to receive a copy – free.

Remember that that 100% of all donations to DA$AW go to charity. No salaries, No paid marketing, no fun run or anything to do other than arrange a direct debit with your bank – Monthly or quarterly preferred. Just $1.00 pw or $4.33 pcm.  Still less than the cost of a cup of coffee/latte! One-off donations also welcome where the amount donated will be extended to represent the number of weeks your donation equates too.

Alas our May CULINARY EVENT  proved un-successful with only two one off donations of $52 each being made! Seems no one has any friends to dine with anymore! Anyhow here’s hoping our next event will prove more successful.

Cheers and thank you again for your continued support.

Phil Garbutt