2. Apr, 2017

MARCH 2017

Dear Reader,

Welcome back to DA$AW; to Autumn & cooler weather.

Remember that that 100% of all donations to DA$AW go to charity. No salaries, No paid marketing, no fun run or anything to do other than arrange a direct debit with your bank – Monthly or quarterly preferred. Just $1.00 pw or $4.33 pcm.  Still less than the cost of a cup of coffee/latte at most places! One-off donations also welcome where the amount donated will be extended to represent the number of weeks your donation equates too.

**NEWSFLASH** Next month  we aim to hold our first ever EVENT to recruit new members & raise funds for DA$AW/charity. What kind of EVENT I hear you ask!

A CULINARY EVENT where you are encouraged to catch up with family &/or friends  over dinner or at a Bar-B-Cue or simply meet for a coffee or drinks but in doing so we ask you to take the opportunity to raise the matter of DA$AW membership and the work we do in raising money for charity. We will provide you with simple props along with some statistical information as prompters in raising the issue of charity donations. We will also provide you with a ‘pledge form’ so that individuals can give a genuine commitment to become DA$AW members.  More details at the EVENTS tab.

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Thank you again for your continued support.


Phil Garbutt



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