12. Jun, 2016

JUNE 2016

Hello again. This month our combined donations have been donated to The Thin Green Line Foundation supporting park rangers, their families and communities, who are the front-line of conservation. See  https://www.thingreenline.org.au/ for further information.

New Members/donors always required so again I ask you to encourage those you know to join us – just $1.00 pw; and do remember that 100% goes to a different charity or cause each month. Again our objective, 1000 Members, each donating $1.00 pw.  That’s a lot of money and it will MAKE A DIFFERENCE

Again one off/single donations are welcome with 80% of the donation going to the cause/charity of the month.                                  

 Any suggestions/Marketing ideas to attract more Members/Donors always welcome.

This Blog is also circulated, in a slightly modified format, as a Monthly Newsletter to a mailing list of around 100 plus individuals. If you would also like to receive a copy of the Newsletter – maybe for further re-distribution to those in your Email Address list – please let me know - Email info@donateadollaraweek.com

Check out  our face book page at https://www.facebook.com/adollaraweek/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

NB: Photo courtesy of 'Wheel chairs for Kids Foundation'

Cheers and thank you for your continued support.

 Phil Garbutt