19. Apr, 2016

APRIL 2016


The Charity that helps smaller Charities & selected causes!

This month our combined donations have contributed to the Doreen Joy Campaign, the little Kenyan girl who needs urgent lifesaving surgery to correct a life threatening birth defect.

You can see her separate fb page at https://www.facebook.com/doreenjoycampaign/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel.  Individual one off donations may be made at MY CAUSE -  https://www.mycause.com.au/page/119143/doreen-joy-campaign.

Hopefully our combined donations will help reach the required $7,000 needed for her operation.

Next month (April/May) our donations will be supporting the education of Indigenous kids through The Cathy Freeman Foundation.

One off/single donations are welcome with 80% of the donation going to this months selected charity. The remaining 20% will go to  a future charity/cause. 100% of all donations go to selected charities/causes.

Of course it goes without saying that we still need more Members/donors so again I ask you to encourage those you know to join us – just $1.00 pw; and 100% goes to a different charity or cause each month. Again our objective is to recruit 1000 Members, each donating just$1.00 pw; (payable monthly or quarterly). That’s a lot of money and it will MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Our current Membership is just 30!

Again one off/single donations are welcome with 80% of the donation going to the cause/charity of the month.

Any suggestions/Marketing ideas to attract more Members/Donors will be welcome.

 Cheers and thank you for your continued support.