13. Feb, 2016


Hello again from the Charity that helps smaller Charities & selected causes.

Another month and again your donations have contributed to another worthy charity – One Voice, a  relatively new charity that assists the homeless of Melbourne by providing free showering facilities and a range of other small but essential services for those doing it tough, for whatever reason, on the streets of our magnificent city - Melbourne.  Our combined donations have helped make someone’s life just a little easier and as a group we can all be proud of that. Thank you for your continued support.

Of course we still need more Members/donors so again I ask you to encourage those you know to join us – just $1.00 pw; and 100% goes to a selected charity or cause. Remember the objective is to recruit 1000 Members, each donating $1.00 pw.  Again one off/single donations are welcome with 80% of the donation going to the cause/charity of the month.