6. Nov, 2015

NOVEMBER 2015 - Two Years On!

Hello & welcome to this up-date on what’s happening at DA$AW.

Two years ago on 2nd November 2013 typhoon Haiyan https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Typhoon_Haiyan struck the Philippines. That was the catalyst from which I developed the concept of Donate A $ A Week where I envisaged the seemingly simple task of recruiting 1000 individuals to donate just $1.00p/wk each, on a continuing basis. That task has turned out to be not as simple as originally envisaged. Today we have just 22 Members, most of whom have been with us since the beginning, or thereabouts.

Starting at the end of this month we now propose to donate a minimum of $100 to a selected cause/charity on a monthly basis as per the original concept of DA$AW. Whilst the amount proposed for monthly/periodic re-distribution is nowhere like we originally thought, it is nevertheless an amount which will be welcomed by the selected recipient charity/cause and I thank Members most sincerely for their personal contribution towards that collective donation.
The idea is not to donate our funds to any one charity/cause but rather to select a new charity/cause each time we make a re-distribution (usually monthly) of our pooled funds. For our inaugural allocation of funds we have selected The Smith Family and will make a donation of $100 in early December. Our next or 2nd allocation, to be made in early January, will be to The Cambodian Children’s Fund.
Postings will appear on fb and here on our website. The website is currently undergoing some minor changes, like allowing for one-off donations from those who prefer not to commit to a regular donation, along with some other minor changes in order to more accurately reflect the current & future directions of DA$AW.

Please encourage you friends, family & colleagues to join us in our endeavours. Just $1.00p/wk! Start your donations today!

Thank you

Phil Garbutt