Hey Kids,Teens & Adolesents, this page is for you. Do you know that there are many, many kids that do not have enough to eat - every day and most times go to bed hungry – very hungry.

Other kids sometimes don’t have a house to live in and have to sleep in parks and under bushes – these kids are homeless.

In many countries poor kids can’t go to school and in so many cases girls, just girls are not allowed to go to school. The reasons for this are many but just imagine not being allowed to learn new things. How terrible would that be?


This is happening all over the world – yes here in some parts of Australia and in many countries overseas!

Very often girls and boys can’t go to school – often because they have to walk a long way to collect and carry clean drinking water for their family or because they have to look after their family’s herd of goats, sheep or cattle.  They often do this from the time the sun comes up until it is very dark in the evening.

We can all help these kids – even just a little bit can make a BIG DIFFERENCE to their daily lives.

Animals Too! Now we know that most kids love animal’s but many animals are on the endangered species list; that is they may become extinct, which means disappear from the earth altogether. We feel sure that you would not want that to happen. 

How can you help?

Well you could donate a small amount of your weekly pocket money – say just $1.00 each week. That would help a lot. And you could encourage your friends to donate too.

 Or you could form a group to donate just a little bit say 20 or 50 cents each. This would be a good project for your classmake a weekly class donation. Talk to your teacher or the school principal about this first though, so that they can help you organise it and help you with the weekly banking of your group or class donations.

We will allocate you two people charities and two animal charities and as a group or class you can vote for the ones your donations will go to. We would like just one of each ie; one animal & one people charity where your donation’s go to at the end of your project

Another thing you might do as a school fun thing is to have a casual dress day (no uniform!) where everyone in the school participates and pays a gold coin ($1 or $2) to participate and all the money collected goes to your agreed charity. Again, you will need to talk with your teacher and/or the school principal to get approval for this, along with their help.

And finally, if you or a group of your friends become regular donors then every regular donor will receive a ****DONOR CERTIFICATE****

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