The name of the incorporated association is Donate-A-$-A-Week Inc. “the Association”.


(1) The Association is established for the public charitable purposes of providing relief to community causes including but not limited to poverty, misfortune, disability, suffering, helplessness, disease and illness in Australia and overseas.

(2) To achieve its principal purposes the Association may, without limitation:

(a) Raise funds or encourage contributions by way of gifts, including recurring donations, and providing these funds and/or gifts to eligible entities who provide relief to such causes;

(b) Provide information about and raise awareness of the causes and/or charities supported by the Association; and

(c) Carry out programs and public events to raise funds to provide relief to those in need.   



The overall goals and objectives of Donate-A-Dollar-A-Week Inc. “The Association can be summed up in the following statements:


To always fulfill our Aims & Objectives with integrity, transperancy, honesty & openess without favour to religion or race of those whom we endeavour to assist. 


To recruit a minimum number of 1000 donors who each donate a minimum of just $1.00 pw; or equivalent thereof, on a regular basis – preferable by direct debit but other means being acceptable.


To utilise 100% of donor received funds* to assist, other smaller charities, in the alleviation of human suffering in it’s many forms – hunger, poverty, education, health – and the like, wherever it exists.

*other than specific sponsorship donations &/or contributions.


To provide monetary assistance to verified smaller organisations, helping those in need and less fortunate Irrespective of whether such assistance is by way of direct help, education, research or similar initiative.