NOTE: The minimum donation amount via the above link is $5.00 p/cm ie; just $1.15 pw.


Alternatively to donate a lesser amount eg $4.33 p/cm or $1 pw make your donation by direct debit, payable 

  • Fortnightly (Min. $2.00 or $1 x 2wks)
  • Monthly  (Preferred) 
  • Quarterly, half yearly or annually, or a
  • Once only payment 

Make your direct debit payment to:

  • Bendigo Bank:
  • Acct. Name: Donate A Dollar A Week Inc. Trust Acct. # 1
  • BSB: 633-000
  • Account # 161771456

Note 1: Upon setting up your payment & to enable us to provide you with tax receipts, please send us a brief Email to alerting us to the frequency/amount and comencement date of your donation.  

Note 2: $1.00 pw equates $4.33 p/cm but of course you are not restricted to just $1.00 pw. That is simply our minimum requirement. We are of course pleased to accept any amount which you are comfortable with. All donations of any amount will be gratefully received.

 Payment by cheque may be made to:

  • Donate A Dollar A Week Inc.
  • 53 Kooringal Rd
  • Upwey, Vic. 3158

 All donations of $2.00 or more are tax deductable.




Do you have a preferred charity where you would like us to send our pooled funds in a future month? If you do, please tell us at  so that we can include them on our list of selected charities.

Our criteria are simple. They should be a smaller charity who don’t usually receive a lot of media coverage/support. Ideally, they will be a charity with an emphasis toward children and women’s issues, education, poverty, homelessness etc. Your recommended charity might be one which serves local /Australian or overseas issues. Whilst there are some Regulatory requirements that charities to whom we donate must be met, these are something that we will look at on your behalf.

So, if you have a charity which you would like us to consider please advise us at


Give a Donation as a Gift

Gifts/presents are often difficult to choose. Why not give a gift voucher for that special event - Christmas - Easter - Birthday - Anniversary etc.

Your gift (100% of) will go to the selected charity of the months of & following, your donation. Always to a deserving cause - see representative selection of past charities at CURRENT/PAST CAUSES. You simply make a donation to the value you wish to donate (see below) on behalf of your gift recipient friend/family member and we will make them a Guest donor for the period your donation equates to eg;

$13 = 13 weeks

$26 = 26 weeks,

$52 = 52 weeks

$ Other - you choose the amount.

To make your GIFT donation simply log into your own bank and make a one off payment to the DA$AW Account shown above. Then simply send us an email with their Email address to and we will send them a gift Email (copy to you) stating that you have made a donation on their behalf making them a Guest philanthropist/donor to DA$AW Inc; for the period  equating to the value of your donation. Of course we would also like to see you become a donor at the same time but if you would prefer not, then that is OK too.

If you require any ''special wording" on your gift Certificate/email then please email us the wording you would like.

Thank you for considering GIFT VOUCHERS. What a great way to encourage your friend/family member (especially children/younger ones) to consider the plight of others less fortunate and get them involved in philanthrophy, allbeit in a small way!

Thank You

Phil Garbutt



  A Gift for You

Happy Birthday/holiday/Merry Xmas etc;


I/we have made a donation on your behalf giving you ____weeks  as a guest Philanthropist to DA$AW Inc. See www.donateadollaraweek for more details.! You may think of joining on a continuing basis after this introductory period!    

I/we hope you have a -----------------------etc; etc;



John Citizen etc

Email address:



Mum & Dad etc

Email address:




You Can Make a Difference - Together - We Can Make a Bigger Difference