(Photo courtesy of Aminata Maternal Foundation)
This Month (July/August 2017) Donate A $ A Week is supporting The Aminata Maternal Foundation in Sierra Leone. See more at our page BLOG - THE LATEST on this website. Please go to the DONATE NOW tab and become a Regular Member - just $1.00 pw; That is just $4.33pcm. Less than the price of a cup of coffee/Latte at many places! Alternatively just make a one off/single donation.

Thank you


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This site is NOT about me or you – rather it is about those in need –  those suffering from hunger, poverty, persecution, war, displacement, slavery, abuse, exploitation, famine, drought, disaster and a whole range of other calamities.

This is a charity which aims to encourage you to donate a small amount of your loose change, in-directly to any one of a number of selected charities or causes. We select a different charity or cause each month. Where it is a charity then it is usuall one of the  smaller  ones.  We like to thinkof ourselves as THE CHARITY THAT HELPS SMALLER CHARITIES! Please go to the BLOG - THE LATEST tab and open a link to review some of  our recently selected charities and then the DONATE NOW   tab to help us to achieve our goal of 1000 donors contributing just $1 each per week.

What do we want in return?

Nothing – except a brief Email (Templates provided) acknowledging that you have taken action to donate.

Our simple objective is to recruit 1000 individuals to make a small recurring donation.

So you have arrived at this site – why not do it now? It is easy – go for it and become a Member of “The Donate-A-$-A-Week Challenge” !

Photo Courtesy of CCF